How To: Enable Single-Swipe Notifications in Full-Screen Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Enable Single-Swipe Notifications in Full-Screen Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a speedy device, one feature that feels a bit slow is swiping down from the Status bar to see the Notification tray when I'm using a full-screen app. When a full-screen app is open, I have to swipe down not once, but TWICE, on the upper portion of the screen in order to bring down the Notification tray.

Yes, you have to swipe down twice.

Two times.

While it may at first sound trivial, I enjoy doing things the quickest way possible, and I'm sure you do too. So, what if instead of swiping down twice you could just swipe down once to view the Notification tray?

Thanks to developer Tomáš Chládek's new Android app, Swipe Status Bar, you can now view the Notification tray with a single swipe in any full-screen application, like Netflix or YouTube.

Swipe Status Bar lets you toggle whether you want a one- or two-finger swipe down in order to bring the Notification menu down, something that could be important for gamers playing in full-screen mode.

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You can tinker with the settings, such as a vibration feedback when the menu is being pulled down, as well as accessing the Quick Settings panel by swiping on the right side of the device.

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I've used the feature on a few apps, and it works well with the fluidity I'm accustomed to with everything else on the Galaxy Note 2. What do you think of it?

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Love this site soooo much! OMG, So imformative! Outta this world! Things I never knew existed! So freckin happy! Woot, woot!

I have never had to swipe twice. What phone are you using?.

Samsung Galaxy Note II
I never have to swipe twice either, I am just excited that I found out about this site! :)

it does require 2 swipes on the note 2, but mostly when playing full screen games as opposed web apps like fecebook etc..

Yeah, I have to do two swipes when playing full screen games on my Samsung Galaxy S3, and sometimes that second swipe just makes the status bar disappear again. Very frustrating. This app helps out a lot!

Nice little app. I only have one problem with it - it creates a dead zone the size of the status bar directly under it on my phone. (Note 2/ root66 ROM and other mods). I emailed the developer with the info and he's going to fix it in the next release.

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