How To: Save Any Photo or Video from Instagram on Your Galaxy Note 3—Without Rooting

Save Any Photo or Video from Instagram on Your Galaxy Note 3—Without Rooting

Scrolling through Instagram, you're going to come across a lot of photographs and videos that you "like." But sometimes, you're going to want to remember a photo, and naturally want to save it to your device so you can look at it for forever and ever.

Unfortunately, there is no traditional way to save Instagram pictures and videos on your smartphone. Of course, there are screenshots, but doesn't it seem dumb that we can't just save a pic?

There are alternative methods that work, as long as you're rooted, but now there's finally a simple way to save pictures and videos on Instagram from the app directly—with no rooting required.

Available for free from the Google Play Store, EasyDownloader, from Android dev Xper, lets you download pictures and videos directly from your Instagram application.

NOTE: If you can't find EasyDownloader on Google Play, you can grab the APK file from our mirror link.

Requires Android 4.1 and higher.

Downloading Instagrams

The beauty of this app is its ease of use—install it and that's that! You don't need to do anything more with EasyDownloader. Just open Instagram, select the picture or video you would like to download by tapping on the three-dot menu, and select Copy Share URL.

You should now see the downloading icon in your Status bar. Slide down the Notification tray to see your pending and recent downloads.

Viewing Your Saved Instagrams

The pictures and videos are then saved in either sdcard/Pictures or sdcard/Movies on your Note 3. Just head over to your Gallery and you'll see separate folders for each user you've downloaded files from.

Isn't it great when everything just comes together so easily?

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easydownloader mirror link isnt working & its been removed from playstore

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