How To: Improve the Look & Feel of Popular Apps Like Instagram & Snapchat on Your Galaxy S3

Improve the Look & Feel of Popular Apps Like Instagram & Snapchat on Your Galaxy S3

Changing the look and feel of an app's user interface can really make it more pleasurable. Popular apps like Facebook or Twitter may take for granted the importance of a clean UI, since the companies have hundreds of millions of users no matter what their apps look like.

However, if you prefer a sleeker, flatter look for popular apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Grooveshark, you can download "Holofied" versions from Holification Nation.

Holification Nation provides its own Holofied versions of specific Android apps that can be used in place of the official ones. That means that you must uninstall the official version of Instagram in order to successfully install the Holification Nation version.

How to Holofy Your Instagram Look

Instagram is the most detailed change out of the bunch, so I'm going to focus on that, but definitely make sure to give their other apps a try, and continue to check back as they increase their app list.

In order to install the app, you'll need to have ebale "Unknown sources", then grab the APK for Instagram from the thread, or the newest one at the time of this writing directly from here. Again, make sure the original version of the app is uninstalled first.

Install the app like any other and log in to your Instagram account. On the left is the official version and on the right is the Holification Nation version.

NOTE: The Holo versions will include a transparent or blended status bar if you're running a KitKat ROM.

You should notice that the design is much flatter, the font has changed, and the icons are a simplified color.

Personally I think the Holification Nation version looks great and installing it doesn't change the way I interact or use the app at all; it's purely cosmetic. It's nice to know that there are devs out there willing to do the work the big corporations aren't willing to do.

It should be noted that since this modded Holo app is basically a patch of the original app, all updates from Instagram will require a new download of the latest Holification Nation APK. So, if Instagram added a bunch of new filters in its latest version, the Holofied version you have installed would need to be updated by Holification Nation. You can keep up with Holification Nation and their app updates by following their Google+ page.

UPDATE: You can now download the new Holification Nation app in Google Play and access all their themed versions directly.

Do you think the Holo version looks better? Let us know in the comments section below.

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