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News: Unpacked! Samsung Teases Galaxy S5 Reveal Date

Falling in line with tradition, Samsung is ever-so-subtly teasing their big Galaxy S5 reveal at an event dubbed Unpacked 5. Just like with previous releases, we've seen a steady stream of information leak about Samsung's next flagship, from possible UI elements to more detailed hardward and software information. Now, we've got a date to look forward to, on the first day of Mobile World Congress no less.

News: More Samsung Galaxy S5 Details Trickle Out

The guys over at @evleaks continue their slow trickle of leaks about Samsung's upcoming flagship device. The first drop is simple enough, a confirmation that Samsung will continue its branding strategy, naming their next device the Samsung Galaxy S5. These next two are a little more interesting, despite their graphical shortcomings—screenshots of two APKs, or application files, from an "official" Galaxy S5 system dump.

News: KitKat Rolling Out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Rolling out right now are the latest KitKat updates to both the Exynos (SM-N900) and Snapdragon (SM-N9005) variants of the Galaxy Note 3. These over-the-air (OTA) updates will be staged out, beginning with networks in India, South Korea, and Switzerland. As reported by @lalithbhaskar, and confirmed by Sammobile, the latest update brings Android 4.4.2 to Samsung's current flagship device. If you reside in one of the mentioned regions, you can force a manual check by going to Settings -> About ...

News: The Evolution of Samsung's Displays: From SH100 Analog Mobile to Galaxy Note 3

With each passing year our technology gets better and better. We've come a long way from the NES that I gamed on as a kid with the release of the PS4 and Xbox One, and cell phones have come just as far—if not further—and Samsung is proud to show their evolution. Particularly, they're pretty fond of their displays, and released this infographic highlighting the progress, from the SH100 back in 1988 all the way up to their newest device with the best touchscreen—the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

News: Galaxy S4 Group Play DEMO!

One of the coolest features on the all-new Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone is the Group Play feature that allows you to wirelessly connect multiple Galaxy S4 smartphones together to create an instant, surround-sound boombox or play multi-player games like Poker

News: Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Dates Leaked for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

Attention folks—the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming soon to a cellular provider near you. Though the official release date for the GS4 here in the states has been closely guarded, a recent leak from a Staples store training document has revealed some possible days that the GS4 could land in your hands—and it's not that far away! Here's the rundown, but remember, none of these dates have been confirmed by Samsung or any of the providers.

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