News: The Galaxy S5 Has Been Rooted!

The Galaxy S5 Has Been Rooted!

Chainfire, the renowned Android dev who brought us tools like CF-Auto-Root and 500 Firepaper, among many other apps and tools, has done what he always seems to do, which is root devices before they hit the shelves, this time for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Announced today, he has succesfully injected root to the SM-G900F model of the Galaxy S5, which will likely be the most prevelant international variant available. While the device release is still a couple of weeks away—unless you're in South Korea—the stock firmware has been available for a few days now...and that's all Chairfire needed to get started.

He states that while he had the firmware in hand, his usual Samsung contact who tests root on pre-release devices wasn't able to this time, as he was working on KNOX implementation, which root would disable. Instead, he had to "wait for someone else to pop-up with an actual device, which happened today."

The method involves using the CF-Auto-Root tool and ODIN, which has become pretty standard fare for Samsung devices. The process will inject his SuperSU app and a custom recovery (sorry AT&T and Verizon) onto the device. Now all we is the hardware!

When we get our hands on an S5, we will give you a step-by-step guide to rooting the device, so stay tuned.

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