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Forum Thread: My Sd

I have a Galaxy s3 Root Now outbreak with the previously version 4.3 and 4.1.2 after upgrading the software of the device the sd card does not work ..what can I do ??

Forum Thread: How to Reboot Android Failure

my samsung galaxy s4 started mibehaving 3 months started switching off itself when the battery was at 60%,then 70,80,90,up to 100%.I thought they might be viruses ony to see it off completely.when I charged and then switch on it only displays android,android,android without accepting swictch off button.

Forum Thread: Switch from iPhone 4 to Note 2

I currently have a iPhone 4 under contract with AT&T, and I was wondering how/if I could switch the sim card to a Note 2 and continue the same contract from AT&T on that new phone? If so I would like to purchase a Note 2 (been interested in one for a while) and put my sim card in there to use as my main phone. Also, whenever my family upgrades their phones, could I just put the new sim card into the Note 2? Thank you in advance.