How To: Play Your Google Music Library in Any Music App on Your Galaxy Note 3

Play Your Google Music Library in Any Music App on Your Galaxy Note 3

As great as Google's own Play Music app is, your MP3 library is restricted to Google's own app. There are much better music players that give Google Play Music a run for its money, but duplicating music files on your device for this reason alone is a waste of storage space.

But now, thanks to developer bubblesoftapps and their app GMusicFS, your music uploads will be shown as locally stored MP3s to any music player without having to "pin" music on your phone.

Note that while I'll be showing you this mod on my rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3, is will work for any rooted device running Android 4.0+.

Step 1: Download & Install GMusicFS

Be sure your phone is already rooted and has installation from "Unknown sources" enabled. Once those are out of the way, grab the file directly from the dev using this link, then install like normal.

When you first open the app, you'll need to provide it with root permissions, so hit Grant when prompted.

Step 2: Sync Your Cloud Music with GMusicFS

Start by tapping Account to chose your Google account, then tap OK. A popup will appear asking if you want GMusicFS to have access to your account—tap OK again. GMusicFS will perform a scan of your Google Music library and begin syncing. Depending on how many MP3s you have stored in the cloud, this could take a few minutes.

Step 3: Configure Stream Quality

Now that your collection is synced, you'll need to configure the streaming quality for playback, so tap the tab for Settings in GMusicFS to get started.

Change the value in Stream buffering -> Buffer length to 30s and Pre-buffering length to 1s. Also check the box in General -> Start on boot so your library is always available when your turn on your device.

Now just launch your favorite preferred music player and you'll see your MP3s available—just as if they were locally stored on your phone.

That's it! Now your Google Music library is free to be played in any app. Give it a try and tell us if it worked for you in the comments section below.

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