How To: Take Secret Spy Photos Undetected Using Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Take Secret Spy Photos Undetected Using Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Sometimes, for whatever reason it may be, we just want to take a photo without anyone noticing. Unfortunately, thanks to the extremely large screen and loud shutter sound, taking a picture discreetly with our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a hard thing to do.

This chick is so not obvious.

There are a few ways to disable the shutter sound on your device, but the large display still poses a serious issue with nosy people hovering over your back. So, how do you take a picture of your secret crush or favorite celebrity using your Note 2's camera?

Android dev Jimmy Halim recently created a free app called Spy Camera OS, which lets you easily capture images and video on the down-low (unless you're as obvious as the girl in the photo above).

Once you open the application, a tiny screen will appear at the bottom of the home screen, giving you a live camera shot. You can change the size of the miniature screen using the plus and minus signs, to become even more inconspicuous.

From there, you have a few other options as to what you can do:

  • Video: Records video.
  • Face: Automatically takes a picture when a face is detected.
  • Black: Turns the screen to black (just touch to capture, to become even more secretive).
  • Burst: A burst of five pictures.
  • Auto: Takes a picture every certain amount of seconds.
  • Switch: Change the camera from front to rear.
  • Settings: Change info display, picture folder, vibrations, and auto-focus capabilities.

You can also put a widget on your home screen to expedite the process of your secretive photo-capturing in case Channing Tatum is sipping a mocha frappe a few tables away from you at Starbucks or whatever.

All of your photographs and videos are then saved in full resolution to a Spy Camera folder in your SD card. To access the pictures, download a free file manager like ES File Explorer and just locate the Spy Camera folder. All your pictures should be safely hidden there.

Since the application is fairly new, you could face possible issues. You can uninstall and reinstall the Spy Camera OS if the capturing does not work adequately. If you do have any issues, you can also email the developer of the app; you can find his contact info on Google Play.

There's also a donate version available if you want to help support the development of the Spy Camera OS app.

Since this app is open source, you should also beware that there are a lot of copycats popping up in Google Play that are adding advertisements and such, so make sure you're downloading Jimmy's app to remain ad-free (and support the original creator!).

Now, if you're looking for even more sneaky photo-taking apps for your Note 2 (or other Android device), check out this guide on adding motion-detecting capabilities.

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