How To: Switch Between Your Two Most Recent Apps Faster with a TV-Style “Return” Button for Android

Switch Between Your Two Most Recent Apps Faster with a TV-Style “Return” Button for Android

There are a gazillion app switchers on the market, and some are really awesome, like Edge, GloveBox, Loopr, and Switchr, to name just a few. However, these can all be a little bit more complicated and cumbersome than necessary when I just want to switch back to the last app I was in.

Television remotes got it right with the "return" button, and that's exactly what I want on my Samsung Galaxy S4—a way to jump back and forth between my last two apps used. This is especially important when using social networking apps and clicking on different links that either bring up our browser or video player.

Now, with LAS: Last App Switcher, we can have TV-style "return" option for apps without using the clunky Recent Apps menu, thanks to Android dev Abhishek Verma.

Instead of some overbearing drawer on your screen or tricky pull-out like most app switchers require, LAS uses an inconspicuous, semi-transparent floating bubble to come to action.

Open the app and enable it to get started, then set preferences, like excluding the home screen from being a recent app and enabling upon boot.

The floating bubble is easily moved by holding it down and dragging, so place it wherever you need it. Tap the bubble to see how snappy it is to switch back and forth between your two recent apps.

You'll definitely want to check out the video to see it in action, but try it out for yourself and make navigating and switching easier on yourself.

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