How To: Swap Out Your Samsung Emoji for the More Popular Google & iOS Icon Sets

Swap Out Your Samsung Emoji for the More Popular Google & iOS Icon Sets

Emoji icons can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Normally, this isn't be a problem, unless all of your friends use iPhones and you're the only one that receives a different icon than the rest of your group. And for the record, they don't all correspond to each other, which only makes using them that much more difficult.

I can send my own set of emoji to a friend with Android, but on iOS, they won't ever see the same icons. Something similar? Sure, but not the same, and that leads to miscommunication, whether you're aware of it or not.

The same emoji vary from manufacturers.

Today, I'll show you how to swap out Samsung's emoji icons on your Galaxy Note 3 or other Galaxy device with Apple's (or Google's) arguably more popular set of icons.

Step 1: Getting Rooted

Like many of the hacks here, you'll need to be rooted to get in on the fun. It only takes one click now, so there's no excuse not to.

Step 2: Installing BusyBox

Head over to this link and install BusyBox from the Play Store. BusyBox is a set of extra utilities used in some apps in order for them to function properly.

Don't let the barren UI scare you off or prevent you from installing. Start by launching BusyBox and granting it root permissions. Next, tap the button for Install and you're done.

Step 3: Installing Emoji Switcher

Tap here and install Emoji Switcher from developer Steven Schoen. Like the name says, this app will swap out the current Samsung TouchWiz emoji with either the stock Android or iOS set.

Step 4: Using Emoji Switcher

Start by launching Emoji Switcher and granting it root permissions. Chose your desired emoji and the app will reboot your phone.

Once you're booted back up, type any message with emoji to see your new icons. Here's how the iOS emoji (top) and their corresponding stock Google (middle) and Samsung (bottom) emoji look in the TouchWiz messaging app.

(1) iOS emoji. (2) Google emoji. (3) Samsung emoji.

I prefer the iOS emoji, but that's just because I've seen them first. Give this app a try and tell us if it swapped your emoji on your phone.

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Wow, my emojii are totally f'd. Most of them are question marks for either ios or google emojii. How do I get the old ones back? I have a GS5 Verizon.

First, did you have BusyBox installed before running EmojiSwitcher?

Try using EmojiSwitcher and choosing the stock Samsung ones again and reboot after they're switched back.

I have the same problem, I have busybox installed!!! please help me at least get the original ones!!!

I have the galaxy s 3. I switched to iPhone emojis but they won't all show up. I tried switching to others and the others all showed up but the iPhone still won't...what should I do?

does this work on a samsung galaxy ace 3.
does a samsung galaxy ace 3 even have emoji???


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