How To: Make Your Phone's Dialer Look Like Android Lollipop's

Make Your Phone's Dialer Look Like Android Lollipop's

Google's latest mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, is coming out very soon for Nexus devices, but it will be some time before any other devices get to experience it. However, there are other ways to get the Lollipop feel on non-Nexus devices right now.

Unlike the Lollipop calculator, keyboard, and lock screen, not all of the new apps have been ported for use on non-Lollipop devices.

Developer Jared Ikorolkov has created a theme for a popular third-party dialer app that showcases the beauty of Google's new Material Design language. Today, I'll be showing you how to apply his Lollipop theme to offer you a taste of what's to come.

What You'll Need

You'll need to install two apps from the Google Play Store to get everything set up—the ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts app from developer Modoohut, and the ExDialer Theme Android L app.

ExDialer comes with a free seven-day trial, but after the week is up, you'll only need to deal with a daily popup. The full version shows no ads and can be acquired through an in-app purchase or on the Play Store for $3.99.

Setting Up ExDialer

Open your newly installed ExDialer app and enter the preferences. Tap on Theme, then select Android L. You now have the theme, but additional tweaks need to be made to the dialer and its size.

From within the preferences again, enter Appearance. At the bottom of the page, disable Display ABC and ABC at Right. Next, adjust the Dialpad Size to have the Width 1.00x and the height anything above 1.35x and 1.45x (these sizes reflect the screen size of the Galaxy S4, so you may need to play around with these settings for other devices).

Setting Up the Android L-Themed Dialer

The dialer is fully functional with a contacts list that is also Lollipop-themed.

This is a great, easy way to see what the new version of Android could look like on your device. If you end up not digging it, or just prefer your stock dialer, simply uninstall these apps like you would any other.

If you're into it, let us know in the comments below as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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