How To: Cheat Your Way to More Lives & Faster Crops in Time-Based Games on a Samsung Galaxy S3

Cheat Your Way to More Lives & Faster Crops in Time-Based Games on a Samsung Galaxy S3

Of the hundreds of uses for our devices, the one that I cherish most is the ability to kill time just about whenever and wherever I need to. Whether it's reading news, checking social media, or watching videos, we have a ton of ways to pass the time in that two-hour DMV line or dentist's waiting room.

But for my money, it's the addictive games.

I'm not talking about RPGs, first person shooters, or sports games. I mean the ones that keep you up at night; puzzles and diamonds and jewels. My current obsession is the wildly popular Candy Crush Saga.

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The premise is simple enough—knock out rows of candy by matching them up—but we're not here to talk about why this game is fun. We're here to figure out how to make it better!

The game utilizes a revenue system that's gaining a lot of popularity; give the game away for free and charge you incrementally within the app. Everybody's doing it these days. Zynga, EA, Disney. It's how they keep a steady stream of revenue coming in.

Forty bucks for a bonus??!! I like this game, but not that much!

Luckily, I can play freely without bonuses, but I can't play without lives. The game gives you five lives to start, but unless you buy more, you're in a waiting game.

Now, a buck is much more reasonable, but it becomes a slippery slope. Right now, I'm stuck and can't get past Level 33 (by the way, any help on that would be greatly appreciated), so I'm going through my lives at a quick pace. A dollar for a set of lives that I'll most likely waste on a level I'm stuck on just seems like a cruel money grab to me.

There's got to be a way to keep playing without going broke.

Good Mood Droid to the rescue! This dev has quite a few apps under his belt, and one of the best is GMD Speed Time, which has a singular and powerful purpose—speed up your device's clock to fool it into thinking more time has passed than actually has.

GMD Speed Time will easily take care of that pesky forty-minute wait I, in front of me.

This hacking app doesn't stop at Candy Crush Saga, either. If you're into Farm Story, Farm Freenzy, or other games that require you to wait for virtual crops or pets to grow, this app is perfect for you. Why wait all day and night for your crops when you can do it in a few minutes?

How to Install GMD Speed Time

In order to run the app, you will need root access on your Samsung Galaxy S3, and either one of the apps from Google Play installed below.

The lite version will limit you to 10X speed up, versus the paid version which can go up to 1000X speed.

Update: Check out Marlon's comment below for a free full version.

How to Use GMD Speed Time

Once you've installed the app and fired it up, you'll need to grant it root privileges. After you're done, you'll see a fairly simple pop-up screen.

Using this app couldn't be easier. Use the slider to select the speed at which you want to warp through time and hit Start.

Remember, this app will take over time throughout your entire device, meaning that your time and date will be inaccurate while it's running. Don't worry, these will restore after you stop the service.

Once you are done playing or farming, go back to the app and hit Stop. You can also access the app from the notification shade.

What could you use this app for? Let us know if the forum or comment below.

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This is awesome!! I hated having to wait for turns with Candy Crush.

Also, you guys can grab a full free version here.

Thanks guys! Now I don't have to wait literally 24hours for the Simpsons to finish stuff!! Now all you've done is keep on my phone throughout the day more, thank you!!

Oh nice! I gotta check that game out. Can never have enough...

Nevermind, it doesn't work on the Simpsons tapped out. I'm guessing they host the time sync on their origin server to circumvent this exploit. But this is the only game I've found that DOESN'T work, so thanks again!

i know of a better cheat system. root your device download game cih2.0. add 1000000 million lives or speed up or slow down time. add infinity weapons. simples. if you need help add me on twitter... louis_harriss

my device isn't rooted. wont it work?

No, sorry. This app requires root permissions to work.

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