How To: Add a Gesture-Based Launcher on Top of Your Samsung Galaxy S3's Current Launcher

Add a Gesture-Based Launcher on Top of Your Samsung Galaxy S3's Current Launcher

I could write about a new launcher everyday, because there are so many options out there for Android users, but one of my favorites it Everything Home. You probably have your own favorite, but what if you could actually use two launchers together, taking advantage of each one's awesome features?

Well, thanks to Android devs Xlythe, we can, using his Sword Art Online Launcher (also known as SAO Launcher, for short). It's a launcher that actually acts as an add-on to the launcher you're already are using, instead of a replacement. It can be used in conjunction with the default TouchWiz Home, or any other launcher you have installed.

Using the SAO Launcher on Your GS3

Installing couldn't be easier, because the SAO Launcher is available for free in the Google Play Store, along with the optional SMS Extension that you'll need to send text messages from inside of the SAO Launcher, as well as receive popups when texts are received.

The free version of SAO Launcher does have banner ads, so if you want to get rid of those, you'll need to opt for the paid version, which is available as a $2.99 purchase within the app.

Once installed, you can activate the launcher by swiping from the upper-left or upper-right edges of the screen. Alternatively, you can access the app from the app drawer.

Once opened, rounded icons will appear in the screen in a single column. Here you have access to your phone's Contacts, Messages, Maps, Apps drawer, and the SAO settings.

You can change the way the launcher is accessed in the app settings and enable your preferred swipe. You can also hide and sort apps and contacts that appear in the SAO shortcuts.

As I stated earlier, you can use SAO with any launcher and within any application, even full-screen apps. If you also downloaded the SMS extension, you can send messages without ever leaving the current application.

Overall, SAO Launcher is a sleek, easy-to-use launcher that gives you the freedom to use a preferred launcher in conjunction. It's the best of both worlds, and it's even got an optional KitKat theme for those of you who want that stock Android look. Would you use this with your favorite launcher? Let us know in the comments section.

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