How To: Make Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Dynamically Adapt to Whatever Mood You're In

Make Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Dynamically Adapt to Whatever Mood You're In

There's no shortage of cool customizations for my Samsung Galaxy S3, except when it comes to the launcher. Sure, there a ton of Android launchers out there, like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, that allow you to customize app placement, app grouping, infinite scrolling, etc. There's even Facebook Home for those who are Facebook addicts.

But, to be honest, none of them really appeal to my interests. Moving my apps and creating custom icons for them is great, but ultimately, the apps themselves will always remain the same. Why get a custom launcher if you can't customize how you launch your apps?

Now, there's a new launcher on the market called Everything Home that's built around the individual interests of the phone's user, not just a cool new look, and it focuses on what you're into at any given moment, not just in general.

What Makes Everything Home Different

Everything Home is a fairly new app by that sets out to make the most dynamic Android launcher on Google Play. It uses a combination of web-based apps as well as the apps already installed on your phone to give you the most relevant information for your most recent query.

All you need to do is type or speak a topic or question in the "Everything" search menu. You will then be shown a large list of suggested apps that have content that has to do with your desired subject. Even the background image changes to reflect your search.

So, when I search for Need for Speed and select the GameStop application, everything in the GameStop related to Need for Speed is already preloaded and ready to go. The same goes for any app.

Installation & Setup

After downloading Everything Home from the Play Store (it's free), press Open and select Always when prompted if you want Everything Home to be the default. You can change this later under Settings -> Applications Manager -> All.

Next, you will have the option to watch the introduction video before getting started. After watching (or not), tap on Get Started. Your home screen should now change to include the Everything Home search bar (before and after below).

Now that your new home screen is installed, you can try your first query and begin using Everything Home.

Smartly Organized

Everything Home will automatically create smart folders and sort your apps accordingly. It will add newly downloaded apps into the proper smart folders as well. You can also create your own smart folders if you want to sort them into your own categories.


When you first start using Everything Home, you can import any old icons and apps that you want back onto your home screen. You can also tap and hold to bring up the menu list where you can add widgets and apps and search through a massive gallery of wallpapers.

What Do You Think?

Overall, Everything Home is a very nice app that has received a lot of kudos from the Android community—including me. It's simple to use and offers a great custom experience that can be tailored to fit any user's needs.

What do you think of Everything Home? Let us know in the comments section.

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I have been using this launcher for about 2 weeks and I LOVE it! It truly is the best by far. I didn't see how to move my icons from my other launcher (which I woulda liked) but it's ok. I have rated it 5 stars and emailed the developers with a couple ideas/issues, and they promptly responded. This is still in beta stage and I personally hope they don't change too much but I'm excited to see anything they do. This launcher really is geared towards the individual user. If you give it a try, u won't go wrong!!! Thanks to all in the making of this launcher!!!

Even after only a few hours of having installed this launcher I love it!

It's simple to use, in how it looks and best of all it pretty smartly organised all my apps into perfect folders which I've tried to do myself with other launchers getting quickly bored, this does all the hard work for you.

Great that you can further customise the folder, create your own too. For a beta version things are pretty sound.

Not available in Brazil. . Galaxy S3 :(

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