News: Samsung Galaxy S7s Overheating Because of Oculus App Update—Here's What to Do

Samsung Galaxy S7s Overheating Because of Oculus App Update—Here's What to Do

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and use the Samsung Gear VR, you may have woken up yesterday to an unpleasantly hot surprise. But don't worry—your phone isn't going to explode (probably). The problem is with a stubborn update to the Oculus apps.

It seems that the latest update to an Oculus app was downloading and installing itself over and over again in a never-ending loop. Reddit user welcometowoodbury posted to the GalaxyS7 subreddit describing the issue:

Today I woke up, took my phone off charge, and 15 min later with very minimal use, I was down to 86% and my screen was very hot. Right now, an hour later with not using it at all, I'm at 57%. Its still warm, like I've been using it for hours.

After some trial and error, the original poster and fellow Redditors were able to locate the problem. Meanwhile, over on the Samsung Gear VR section of the Oculus forum, an Oculus employee offered up an explanation along with a simple solution:

Really sorry about this. We pushed an update last night that should resolve the issues people are having. You can try first launching the Oculus app on your phone and see if the update is available (it should prompt you). If not, you should go into the Android application manager and uninstall Oculus Home first and then Oculus Rooms. After you uninstall, please dock your phone in the headset so it can downloaded the updated version. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

There you go. Simple, right? Remove the Oculus Home and Rooms app, then reinstall. Hopefully that will solve the problem for you.

Did it work? Did it not work? Let us know in the comments.

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Hi i have been using new Samsung galaxy s7edge along with a Oculus VR gear.after few days now im experiencing lot of problems with my phone. Screen suddenly goes blank and shows stripes and scratches lines on it. i almost use Vr gear everyday and i think its causing the problem. when i stop using Vr gear For 3 days mobile goes normal.. could you please provide a solution for this.

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