News: KitKat Rolling Out for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3

KitKat Rolling Out for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3

After leaks and rollouts from rival carriers, AT&T has finally released their official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Galaxy Note 3.

If you haven't received your update notification, force a manual check by going to Settings -> More -> About Device -> Software Update -> Check for Updates. Make sure you're connected to Wifi and have at least 50% battery remaining. This update includes:

  • Improved user interface: Re-styled status and navigation bars, full-screen-immersive mode, color emoji support, improved closed captioning support, stronger security, and smarter power use.
  • Default messaging app: Ability to choose a default messaging app when multiple messaging services are installed.
  • Improved GPS performance: Well, improved GPS performance!
  • Enhanced music access: Full screen album art and media controls on the lockscreen.
  • Camera access: Camera shortcut on the lockscreen.
  • Location menu: Enables users to easily activate GPS and share location details.
  • Wireless printing: Support for wireless printing in enhanced settings.
  • New sound controls: Custom sounds for apps in enhanced settings.

Thanks zzoinks and stevieaveon for the screenshots

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2 Comments a Verizon customer I am still waiting for the roll out.

Yes, unfortunately, Verizon is just about always the last at the party.

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