How To: Wake Your Samsung Galaxy S6 by Hovering Your Hand Over It

Wake Your Samsung Galaxy S6 by Hovering Your Hand Over It

As your Galaxy S6 lies on your desk while you're hard at work, it's difficult to resist from periodically pressing the wake/lock button to check the weather or glance over any notifications you may have on your lock screen. While pressing the hard key is easy enough, there's an even easier method where you simply hover your hand over the device to wake the screen.

In order to activate this feature, known as "Gesture wake up," navigate to Settings -> Accessibility -> Dexterity and interaction -> Gesture wake up. Make sure to toggle it on.

With your display off and your phone lying flat, the proximity sensor located near the front-facing camera will detect a wave or hover of your hand over the Samsung Galaxy S6 to turn on the display.

Not only is waving your hand simple, but using this trick can potentially extend the lifespan of your hard key. And don't worry, this feature also utilizes the gyroscope to ensure that your device is flat, which will prevent your screen from coming on while in your pocket, bag, or purse.

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It may use some extra battery, but it wasn't enough for me to notice a significant difference.

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