How To: View Notification Details on the Lock Screen of Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Other Android 4.2 Device

View Notification Details on the Lock Screen of Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Other Android 4.2 Device

Besides having an awesome name, widgets are nice little additions that help make your phone more functional and customized. There are plenty of Android widgets available in the Google Play store and from other third-party sites and developers, but XDA forums member Roymam decided to make his own.

It's called Notification LockScreen Widget (available for free in the Google Play store, and gives Android 4.2+ owners a bunch of new features including:

  • View all dismissible notifications including missed calls, SMS, Facebook notifications, Gmail, etc.
  • Launch the app directly from the notifications list.
  • Combine multiple similar notifications into one notification with counter.
  • Allow full original notification content as it appears on notifications bar.
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While the widget is meant for devices running Android 4.2 or higher, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Nexus 7, older devices can run it as well. You will, however, need to install the three-dollar WidgetLocker app for the widget to appear.

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I have a PIN-secured lockscreen on my Note 2, which is required by my work e-mail setup on Microsoft Exchange Server. When the lockscreen is activated, I receive calendar notifications over the top of the lockscreen (which I can close or snooze) but I don't see Text or other E-Mail notifications. Is there a way to see those, too? Most apps and widgets I've explored only work with the standard lockscreen - not the one secured by a PIN #.

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