How To: Turn On Your Android's Flashlight Using the Power Button

Turn On Your Android's Flashlight Using the Power Button

Navigating through the darkness—literal darkness, not the existential variety—is always a difficult task on its own, and my Android doesn't necessarily make it any easier. Many manufacturers offer quick access to a flashlight or torch feature, but my Galaxy S4 doesn't have an easily accessible toggle or button available to turn it on.

And because I'm not a fan of lock screen widgets, to toggle on my flashlight before I stumble over unseen obstacles, I have to swipe, enter my passcode, and tap on a widget. It's not difficult, but it is inconvenient, as I'd prefer to illuminate my path much faster.

Regardless of the Android device you may have, today I'll be showing you how to toggle on your flashlight quicker than ever, without even needing to unlock your device. This functionality has been around for a while, like when we showed you how to activate the torch with volume buttons, but that method required that your device had root-level access. Now, you can activate the flashlight without root access, directly from your power button.

Step 1: Install Power Button Flashlight

No root access is required for this functionality to work, all you need is the free application from development team at Brink Technologies called Power Button Flashlight.

Step 2: Activate the Service

To enable the application's service, all you have to do is launch it. A popup will show notifying you that the app is functioning and will require a three-press action of the power button to activate the flashlight (four if the device is unlocked).

There are a few settings you can adjust, like the vibration effect once the light is activated, how long it'll stay active, and the ability disable the service.

Step 3: Toggle on Your Flashlight

As mentioned in the previous step, to activate your flashlight while the device is locked, simply press your power button three times within a three-second window (or four if the device is unlocked).

Disabling the light with the same power button action will require an in-app purchase of $0.99, which also removes ads, or you can save some money and use the notification it provides to toggle the torch off.

Take advantage of Power Button Flashlight as you get home from those late, hazy nights; it just might save you from a stumped toe.

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Thank you, I was unaware of this app. It'll be really useful.

Hope you get some good use out of it.

I found this article because I was trying to figure out how/why my Android would turn on the flashlight on its own, usually if I'm in motion like running with it in my hand or accidentally fumbling with it when I pick it up. My phone would vibrate and the light turn on, but I couldn't turn it off without unlocking it AND I couldn't figure out how it happened while locked and how to do it on purpose. I've never downloaded a special app for this so I don't believe that launching the Brink Technologies app you mentioned is actually necessary. Obviously there is some way to activate the light while locked and honestly it would be ridiculous to have to actually seek out an app to do this.

Also, who says they "stumped" their toe? Stumped? Is that like, where "stubbed" came from and everyone pronounces it wrong? or is it like a regional word, because I have never seen or heard someone say they stumped a toe.

Edit: I just tested it out, I tried shaking my phone 3 times and it vibrated and turned the light on. Shaked it again 3 times and the light turned off. No special settings selected, no special app. Plus it's even more ridiculous to have an app turn the light on for free but cost a dollar to be able to turn it off.

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