How To: Turn the Screen Off Faster & Alleviate Power Button Stress on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Turn the Screen Off Faster & Alleviate Power Button Stress on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Normal wear and tear, combined with unfortunate accidents, can take a toll on any smartphone leading to scratches, cracks, and breaks that can leave physical buttons useless. One of the first buttons to usually go is the power button, since it's the main way to turn your phone (and screen) off and on.

In today's softModder guide, I'm going to show you one way to take some pressure off that overused power button of yours. How? By adding a double-tap shortcut to your status bar that'll put your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to sleep. Not only will this improve the life of your power button, but putting your device to sleep will feel much faster.

You will need to have a rooted Note 2 with the Xposed Framework installed, which is what will be using to install the status bar module.

Installing the DoubleTapToSleep Module

DoubleTapToSleep, from Android dev Manzel Seet, is the Xposed module we'll be using for this mod. As mentioned before, it adds a double-tap shortcut to your status bar that puts your device into sleep mode without having to touch the power button.

You can download DoubleTapToSleep directly from Xposed Installer, under the Download section. Once you find it, download and install it.

After that, you'll have to activate it on your Note 2. To do so, go to Modules, check the box next to DoubleTapToSleep, then reboot.

Double Tap to Sleep

After booting back up, you'll be able to put your Note 2 to sleep by double-tapping the status bar. The double tap has to be timely—if you perform the action too slowly then it won't be put to sleep.

To turn the screen back on, just do what you normally would—hit the power or home button. Overall, this module is a great way to sleep the device faster, or to alleviate some stress on your power button, if you're worried about it crapping out on you in the near future.

For more cool things you can do with Xposed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, check out our Xposed Mods section.

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