How To: The Trick to Unlocking Your Galaxy Note 4 More Easily with One Hand

The Trick to Unlocking Your Galaxy Note 4 More Easily with One Hand

With the gargantuan size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it's no surprise that some of you might have trouble taking advantage of all the features using only one hand. One such feature is the newly-added fingerprint scanner, which allows you to swipe your finger on the Home button to unlock the device, among other things.

Unlocking it with one hand causes the phone to sit very precariously in my palm, susceptible to being dropped, so I use one hand to hold the phone firm and the other to unlock it—and you probably do, too. However, there is an easy trick to unlocking the Galaxy Note 4 using just one hand without loosing your grip.

Set up a fingerprint by going into Settings -> Device -> Finger Scanner -> Fingerprint manager. If you've already set one up, you can set up another.

When it's time to register your fingerprint, don't use your index finger. Instead, use your thumb and slide it up and down on the Home key while in a horizontal position, just like in the picture below.

Swipe your thumb the required ten times to finish the process and enter a code in case your fingerprint doesn't work at a later time.

The positioning of the hand and thumb will vary from user to user, but once you find it, you'll be able to unlock your Galaxy Note 4 comfortably with just one hand. It's a simple trick, but a useful one nonetheless.

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Doesn't work. Hope they just accept your fingerprint without swiping.

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