How To: Tell What's in a Text Without Looking by Activating Smart Vibrations on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Tell What's in a Text Without Looking by Activating Smart Vibrations on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

The constant stream of beeps and the buzzes coming from your Samsung Galaxy S3 can soon begin to fade into the background and remain forgotten. With smartphones vibrating for email alerts, Candy Crush notifications, phone calls, and text messages it can become difficult to tell which alert is which.

Created by Jordan Elvidge from Hyper Byte, Mumble! is here to help us better decipher or text messages with smart vibrations. Now, you can change the vibration intensity in Settings -> Sounds on your GS3.

But you can't truly customize vibrations for each kind of alert or various types of messages.

What Mumble does is actually alter its vibration scheme based on how long the message is or how hyped the message is - ALL CAPS and/or exclamation points will tell Mumble to increase the vibration intensity for that particular message.

Once you have installed Mumble make sure to check out the Instructions page. It gives a nice breakdown of all the app's features. When you have familiarized yourself with that you can go ahead and start adjusting the settings. Also make sure to disable notification alerts from your default SMS in order for Mumble! to work correctly.


So if you hate taking out your phone to check a message that on says, "Ok," then this can save you from ever doing that again. You can turn on Ignore One Word Messages to prevent alerts with messages containing only one word.

The coolest feature in my opinion is the vibration frequency. With this set you can actually feel how long a message is. When you receive and SMS containing 5 words or 25 words, Mumble will vibrate for each word or couple of words depending on your vibration frequency and limit.

Good Vibrations

Moreover, you can enable the excitement feature which will create and more intense vibration depending on the form of the message. All caps and a bunch of exclamation points will vibrate more intensely than one without. So, when your girlfriend sends "YOU'RE GETTING LUCKY", your phone will be just as excited as you. Of course, if she doesn't use caps, the vibration will be normal, but the the text would still be great regardless.


Once you have set up all the features to your like you can scroll down to the test area and well, test it out.

Just type a few words or phrases and test how the vibrations would occur. Using caps vs non-caps will alter the vibration if you have enabled the Excitement option. If you have a vibration frequency set to every word, then your phone will vibrate according to that setting and so on.

Premium Mumble

There is a premium version that can be purchased in the Play Store for $1.49 or via an in app link.

The premium version boasts features like automatic spam filter, sleep mode, and better recognition of message types, i.e. questions, sadness, and NSFW. And if you have friends like I do, opening a text message unaware can lead to some serious issues. So, if you think those features are legit, you can pony up the $1.49 for the premium version. Nevertheless, Mumble! is a very smart application and one of my favorites that I have covered.

Would you use Mumble? Let us know in the comments section.

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