How To: Take iOS-Style Notes on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Take iOS-Style Notes on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

While making the transition from Apple to Android may not be hard for some, there are others that miss the small features that Apple offers on the iPad and iPhone. If you just got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or other Android device and want a familiar piece of Apple on your device, check out Hi Dev Studio's new Hi Notes application, which gives you iOS-styled notes.

Installing Hi Notes

Hi Notes is free on Google Play, so just download and install on your Note 2 or other Android device and you're ready to start taking notes, iOS style.

Using Hi Notes

Once you install it, using it is very easy, especially if you're familiar with iOS. From the onset, you'll recognize the yellow notepad paper and grid lines. To write a new note, simply tap on the plus sign in the top right corner. When you're done writing the note, press Done.

At the bottom of the note, you'll see small icons to move from and back between notes, delete notes, as well as share them via email or other applications.

Upgrading to Hi Notes Pro

If you try pressing the red X on the ads in the application, you'll be taken to an in-app purchase page. With the Hi Notes Pro version ($1.99), you can remove all ads and receive support for future pro features.

But if you don't mind an ad or two, the free version of Hi Notes works perfectly. That's the one I'm using.

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who wants this stupid notepad look?

What happened to this app? I can't find it and this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for

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