How To: Take Animated Selfies & Other Fun GIFs Using Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Take Animated Selfies & Other Fun GIFs Using Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Selfies are on there way out. Not because I said so, but just because I want them to. They're both aberrant and curious. They carefully hobble between the lines of self-exploration and crippling insecurities terribly masked as blatant narcissism.

They're like a horrible car accident that you just passed by on the freeway—you know you shouldn't look, but you can't pry your eyes away.

In spite of my animosity, you'll likely find a few selfies on my own Instagram, though to be honest, I do them all as a jokes.


While selfies are probably not going anywhere any time soon (they're the most popular type of picture now), is there anything that we can do to make them a little better on our Samsung Galaxy Note 2s?

Sure, you can make a selfie video with the recording features of Instagram and Vine, but who'd like to watch and hear videos of you over and over again? Is there something in-between a regular selfie and a video selfie? Yes, and it's our age-old friend, the GIF.

How to Created Animated GIF Selfies on the Note 2

Face2Gif: Animated GIF Creator, an Android app from developer Yu Chen Hou, uses only your front-facing camera to record your face and create animated selfie GIFs.

Once you open the app, you can prepare whatever super cool thing it is that you're going to do with your face, and tap on the large red record button at the bottom of the screen. Once you're done, tap on the stop button and the app will automatically start converting it into a GIF.

Excuse my stupid face.

Once the conversion stops, you can watch your GIF in action and share it amongst your friends and family. Simply tap the share button on the top right and you'll see the four most popular options. If you tap See all, you'll see the rest of the options, such as Gmail, Instagram, etc.

You can also edit how quickly (or slowly) you want the GIF to go, the quality of the GIF, if you want it to repeat or not, and a few other settings. You can also check out your library of GIFs, all saved within the app.

Face2Gif: Animated GIF Creator is very new, so there might be some bugs and issues that need to be fixed, such as the inability to use the rear camera, but it's still a really cool app for the self-obsessed.

How to Create Other Animated GIFs on the Note 2

If you want to use the rear camera to record a GIF, you can wait it out until the next update or you can download GIF Camera, which has lower quality GIFs but uses both cameras.

Which app do you like better?

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