How To: Swipe to Easily Organize the Heaps of Pictures on Your Android

Swipe to Easily Organize the Heaps of Pictures on Your Android

With hundreds of pictures accumulating on my device, it's a daunting task to devote time to sorting through which are worth keeping and which I should discard. Not all of the images on my device are winners, so the losers not only take up space, they make it difficult to find the good ones as I wade through the crap.

Like the "swipe to pick" feature found on popular apps like Tinder, the development team behind the app SlidePick have made it just as easy to swipe through hundreds of images one-by-one to create an album or discard them completely.

Step 1: Join the Beta Team!

The app is still in active development, so join the beta team for an advanced preview and to help shape the app's future public release. Simply join the SlidePick Beta testing community, then select the Google Play link to get your download.

Step 2: Create New Albums

Slidepick will open in its camera mode, but that's not the point of what we're trying to do here—nor is their camera as good as your stock one. Slide to the right or select the small polaroid icon to go to the My Albums Page, then select Create New Album and name it.

Step 3: Import Your Images

After naming your album, select from the various locations where images are stored on your device, or cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. After checking your locations, tap Add Selected Album. The albums will also be added to your stock gallery app on your phone.

Step 4: Swipe to Pick

After your images are added, simply swipe to the right to add it to your newly created album, or to the left to discard them. There is also an Undo option included for accidents, as well as a trash option for images you want to remove entirely.

Step 5: Export or Add On

When you're done swiping, the My Albums page will come back up. From here, you can tap the + icon to add more images to an album, export it to Facebook, or delete it entirely.

As the developers state, SlidePick is meant to be a simple image sorting tool that anyone can use while waiting in a line or just killing time with their device. "Simple, agile and fast, we didn't create a futuristic technology or a complex algorithm."

Try it out and let us, as well as the developers, know what you think in the comments below, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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