How To: Really Auto Adjust the Brightness of Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2's Screen

Really Auto Adjust the Brightness of Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2's Screen

If you're constantly going from dark to brightly lit areas, you've probably noticed that the stock auto brightness feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 doesn't work that well. Either the screen is really dim and unreadable, or it's just way too damn bright.

Sure, you can disable auto brightness, but then you have to manually adjust the brightness all of the time for that perfect comfort level. This isn't really all that bad of an option, but don't be surprised when you see this:

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However, there is an easier way to adjust the brightness of your screen, and it's called Velis Auto Brightness from Android developer Velis74. To put it quite simply, Velis blows the stock Android auto brightness feature out of the water.

Velis automatically adjusts your phone's screen brightness by using the light and proximity sensors (either of these can be toggled off). When you first open the app, you'll be prompted with a settings wizard that goes through six questions on brightness and light customization. Once you're done with the questions, you'll be taken to the homepage of the application.

The homepage shows a graph, which is sensitive to your environments brightness. The dimmer it is, the more the red crosshairs will move to the bottom left of the graph (picture below; left). Similarly, the brighter it is, the further the crosshairs move to the upper right (picture below; right).

You can also create individual profiles that adjust anyway you want for specific places—camping, inside the car, an airplane, theater, and much more. From the settings, you can also adjust which sensors you want Velis to use, as well as settings with sensitivity and with the graph. This pretty much means that you have complete control over the brightness of your screen.

Due to the customization Velis allows, it's way better than the stock feature and any other third-party apps like Lux Auto Brightness and Screen Filter. What do you think of Velis? Let us know!

If you want even more automatic adjustments, check out my previous softModder guide on using Intelligent Ringer to auto-adjust your ringtone sound level according to your surroundings.

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Be carefull! App have bug! After install this app another app install doesn't work any more. I just can't press the install button, but OK for the Cancel button. After unistall this everything was fine.

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