How To: Play PSP Video Games Smoothly on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Play PSP Video Games Smoothly on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If smartphone video games have a weakness, it's probably their inability to emulate the riveting and immersive experience that consoles offer.

Sure, there are mobile gaming products out there like the PlayStation Portable (PSP), but when we're constantly lugging around tablets, laptops, and more importantly—our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phones—who really wants to carry around a separate, dedicated gaming device?!?

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There are a lot of games in the Google Play Store, but few have what it takes to beat those available for the PSP and other portable gaming consoles. So, how can you bring open-world, storytelling, mission-based games like GTA: Liberty City Stories to your Android device?

Use an Emulator

PPSSPP, a PSP emulator available for free on Google Play by Henrik Rydgård (creator of the famous Nintendo GameCube/Wii emulator Dolphin), allows you to bring larger-than-life video games right to your Android device!

While it's difficult to run newer, high-quality games as is on most Android devices, PPSSPP makes it possible to play ROM versions of them by simply emulating the experience.

Since its release, PPSSPP's library of games that it's able to play has increased substantially. Some of these games include:

  • Persona 3 Portable
  • Little Big Planet
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus
  • Final Fantasy Type-0
  • Wipeout Pure and Pulse
  • Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

And many more! You can see a full list of tested games here.

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PPSSPP is only an emulator, meaning you'll have to find the files on your own. If you're skilled enough, you can turn your own PSP games into .ISO/.CSO files. If you're not comfortable doing that, you can search the Web for the appropriate ROMs for games you already own. That's what I did in the following video with Little Big Planet.

Just make sure you have enough memory available on your Note 2, because the games pack quite a punch.

For a guide on setting up PPSSPP on your Nexus 7, head over to fellow softModder Danny's article.

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