How To: Play Netflix Roulette to Determine What You Watch Next on Your Galaxy S4

Play Netflix Roulette to Determine What You Watch Next on Your Galaxy S4

Netflix has received a lot of publicity lately, and not because of its impressive worldwide library. From blog wars with Comcast to streaming deals with Verizon, it's easy to forget that the company exists for our entertainment, but sometimes that entertainment has drawbacks.

I spend an exorbitant amount of time aimlessly browsing titles and trying to decide what to watch. Many times I end up defeated and just channel surf on cable. And when I'm choosing for a crowd or date and the movie sucks, guess who's responsible? Me.

If you're sick of doing the "hard" work and getting blamed for terrible movie suggestions, let someone else take the heat. And by someone, I mean Codeusa Software and their free Netflix Roulette app.

Instead of wasting time trying to find that perfect movie to watch, just grab Netlflix Roulette from Google Play, select a few simple parameters, and "spin" until you find something to watch.

You don't need a Netflix account to use the application, though you will need an account to watch the movie or show.

How Netflix Roulette Works

Launch the app and configure the options to select a genre (or use the entire Netflix streaming catalog), include TV shows, and set a rating scale.

Once your options are set, tap Spin and a random film or show will be produced for you. Scroll down to view some basic information about the title's plot and cast. If you don't like the selection, just hit Spin again.

Selecting Watch on Netflix will launch the Netflix app on your phone, though you will still need to search for the title yourself. Hopefully, this will change in a future update to take you straight to the title.

The free app is ad-supported, but you can purchase the Pro version for $0.99 to disable them.

There's a Web Version, Too!

If you'd rather use your PC to play roulette, visit the Netflix Roulette website, which works the same as the Android version, only it can launch straight into the suggested title, assuming you're signed into your Netflix account.

The Future of Netflix Roulette

One major complaint that has come up is the ability to specify the country/region. The developer is working on region-specific metadata, so this will be available soon.

Another issue people have is the inability to launch straight into the title with the Android version, and considering how desired the feature is, the dev will most likely respond to the masses and integrate it (although typing the title in yourself isn't that big of a deal).

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