How To: Open Links from Twitter & Other Apps into a Floating Browser on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Open Links from Twitter & Other Apps into a Floating Browser on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Android has plenty of features that provide multitasking support, which are especially useful on smartphones with larger screens. One such feature that I loved on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the popup browser, which brought up a floating window whenever I opened a link inside of third-party apps like Facebook and Twitter.

When the Galaxy Note 3 was released, much to my disappointment this feature was removed. Well, thanks to xperiacle, a popular developer of Note mods and apps, you can regain the popup browser feature on Note devices (or any Galaxy device with the stock Samsung browser installed).

Step 1: Download & Install Popup Browser

Download Popup Browser from this direct link and install it, making sure that you have installation of app from "Unknown sources" enabled.

Step 2: Open Links in Floating Browser

Popup Browser does not have a launcher icon for you to place on your home screen, so there is nothing to enable or any settings to configure.

Use it by going to an app like Twitter, which is link-heavy, and opening a web link. From the "Complete action using" dialog box, select "Popup Browser."

Your link will then open in a floating Pen Window, which you can resize, maximize, or minimize into a bubble. In its minimized state, you can continue browsing through whatever application you're in without any disturbance to the bubble, in case you want to open it later.

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