How To: Open the Air Command Menu Without Using the S Pen on Your Galaxy Note 3

Open the Air Command Menu Without Using the S Pen on Your Galaxy Note 3

Improved S Pen functionality materialized in the form of Air Command controls on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, allowing users to access shortcuts for their stylus features from anywhere on the screen.

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While the pie-interface controls are extremely useful, the only way to access them is when the S Pen is removed—making it impossible to use otherwise.

However, thanks to developer Good Mood Droid, you can now access Air Command without having to touch your stylus.

Use Air Command Anytime—Without the S Pen

New to Google Play, GMD Air Command Shortcut fools your device into thinking that the S Pen has been detached, creating an Air Command control with all the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen.

Without using your stylus, just tap on the GMD Air Command Shortcut and you'll have access to the following.

  • Action Memo
  • Screen Write
  • S Finder
  • Pen Window
  • Scrap Booker (does not work)

Now instead of using the S Pen stylus, you can use your finger to draw or write with any of the features you access.

Most of the functions work perfectly without the S Pen, except for Scrap Booker, which sort of force closes seconds after opening it.

Also, if you open the Pen Window feature, you won't be able to draw the size window you want. Instead, you'll have the same 3x4 floating widget for any application you choose.

Best of all, this application does not require root, so feel free to download and install without any fear of causing permanent changes to your device. If you don't like the app, simply uninstall it.

So if you're looking to speed up your access to shortcuts, check out GMD Air Command Shortcut for free on the Google Play Store.

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