One-Tap, Hassle-Free Logins: Automate the Sign-In Process for Your Favorite Websites on Android

Automate the Sign-In Process for Your Favorite Websites on Android

Apps that save your passwords have been around for quite a long while. But apps that complete the entire login process automatically? Now that's a different story.

The team at Mygo Software has come up with an app that will allow you to log into any website with a single tap. It does this by recording you performing the login process once, then repeating the exact set of taps and presses to skip right past the entire login process in the future.

Step 1: Install LoginBox

The app that will make logging into any website easier than it's ever been is called LoginBox, and it's available for free on the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Set a Master Password

Since the LoginBox app houses the passwords you've stored in it, you would be well-served to password-protect the app itself. To do this, tap the Settings icon near the top-left of the LoginBox home screen, then choose Set Password.

Next, tap Turn passcode on, then enter in a 4-digit PIN to protect any future passwords that you store in the app.

Step 3: Record the Login Process

LoginBox only requires you to login to your favorite websites once. While you're doing that, the app will record your actions and save them to be "played back" later.

As such, you'll need to log into the website you're adding one last time. From the app's home screen, tap the Plus icon near the top-right, then enter in the address of the site that you'd like to have one-tap login for.

At this point, the app will let you know that it's about to record the actions you perform on the next screen.

Simply login as you normally would, including pressing the Login button on your chosen website. When you've successfully logged in, tap the Stop button at the top-right of the screen and select Save from the following menu.

You can even go a step further if you want, and proceed to tap links within the site—the app will record all of your actions up until you press the stop button (even after you log in).

Step 4: Log in with LoginBox

The next time you'd like to log into this website, simply open LoginBox and tap the corresponding entry for the website in question. All of the actions that you recorded in the previous step will be repeated automatically, and you can go about using the website through the LoginBox browser.

The app uses Android's native WebView rendering engine to display webpages, so the experience will be virtually identical to using the mobile version of the Chrome web browser.

This will definitely come in handy for me, since the login process for my banking website is particularly convoluted. What websites are you using LoginBox for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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