How To: Never Miss Another Call or Text After Class by Setting Timed Silence Periods on Your Galaxy S4

Never Miss Another Call or Text After Class by Setting Timed Silence Periods on Your Galaxy S4

We've all been in a similar situation before—you set your phone's ringer to silent before heading into class, and when you check your phone hours later, you find that your silenced phone didn't alert you to 8 missed calls and 17 text messages.

Well, I don't actually get that many texts or calls in real life, but I'm sure some of you do. It's a common enough predicament that an Android app has been created just to solve this problem.

Shush!, by developer Public Object, lets you set your ringer to silent for a certain amount of time, then automatically turns it back on for you once the timer is up. It works great for class, work meetings, watching a movie, or any other situation where you'd need to silence your phone for a bit.

Download & Install Shush!

Shush! is completely free and available on the Google Play Store, so go ahead and install it on your Samsung Galaxy S4 (or any other Android phone running 2.0 and higher).

Customize Your Settings

Open up Shush! from your app drawer to bring up the app's settings. There actually are only two settings to customize: the color of the timer, and whether or not you want the app to show you a notification reminding you when it's on.

Activate Shush! by Silencing Your Phone

Shush! is activated whenever you set your phone to vibrate or silent by using the volume key.

The timer can be set from anywhere between 15 minutes and 12 hours, in increments of 15 minutes. You can adjust the timer by dragging along the circle or using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.

The meter towards the bottom left allows you to set how loud you want the volume to be when the ringer comes on.

Once you're done setting your timer and volume, just tap the Shush! button. If you're not sure how long you need your ringer silenced, you can select Keep it off to silence it indefinitely.

When the timer is up, and you're finished with your class or meeting, the ringer will automatically turn back on. No need to worry about missing any important calls or texts!

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