How To: Memory Full? Optimize the Photos on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Free Up Storage Space

Memory Full? Optimize the Photos on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Free Up Storage Space

While the increasing superiority of smartphone cameras is great, they can be a double-edged sword. Sure, we get great images that are crystal clear, but at what price? Storage space on your devices ends up paying the price for this luxury, filling up quickly due to the high-quality images and their grotesquely large size.

Not only that, but most photo editing applications only make it worse. Adding a few filters, changing the hue/saturation, or adding some text across the picture can all increase the size of each image, filling up your phone's storage space in the blink of an eye.

To combat this problem, XDA developer teknoraver created Image Optimizer, a free app which allows you to save space on your Android device by optimizing all of your image files for size.

Image Optimizer uses two different techniques to optimize your images:

  • It compresses all of your photos with a slight and mostly unnoticeable quality loss (to free up the largest amount of space), or...
  • Optimizes your image while retaining the original quality (saves less space).

You can choose the quality and optimization levels in the settings, with the ability to support both JPEG and PNG files. The app also saves all your EXIF data so that the original date, time, location, and other information remains intact.

Image Optimizer is free to download from Google Play. Know of any other great space saving apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photos by Richard Bumm, The Wheat Field

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There wouldnt be a memory and storage problem if samsung would have kept the ability to move apps and such to the sd card,Like i could on the S2.If the xda developers could find a work around for moving apps,pics and such that would be awesome.Because i have tried several move to sd card apps to no avail.

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