How To: Launch Note 4-Style Floating Windows from the Multi Window Tray on Your Galaxy Note 3

Launch Note 4-Style Floating Windows from the Multi Window Tray on Your Galaxy Note 3

One of the Note 3's best features is Multi Window mode, which allows users to display more than one app on the screen at the same time, taking advantage of the large and high-resolution display.

When the Galaxy Note 4 was released earlier this year, it improved on the Multi Window feature by allowing users to create floating windows for applications simply by tapping on the icons in the Multi Window tray. So rather than just two apps in a split-screen mode, you could now have multiple apps in their own resizable windows.

Unfortunately, the feature has been exclusive to the Note 4—that is, until now. With the help of the Xposed module Popup Window, you too can launch floating windows with a single tap.

Step 1: Root and Install Xposed Installer

As with all Xposed modules, your Galaxy Note 3 will need to be rooted for this to work. You'll also need to download and install the latest version of the Xposed Framework on your device if you haven't already done so.

Step 2: Install Popup Window MOD

Make sure to have installation from "Unknown sources" enabled, then download and install Popup Window MOD from developer xperiacle onto your device. Once installed, go to the Xposed Installer app and check the box next to Popup Window MOD in the Modules section, then reboot your device to activate it.

Step 3: Create Popup Windows

Enable Multi Window mode just as you normally would, either from the quick settings in the notification tray, or by long-pressing the Back button. A single tap on any app icon from the Multi Window tray will launch it into a floating window on your home screen.

Just like with the Pen Window feature on the Note 3, you can minimize, maximize, and close the window with the controls up top, and you can resize the window holding down on it.

To open an app in the standard split-screen mode, simply drag it from the sidebar to either the top or bottom half of your screen.

If your favorite applications don't show up in the sidebar, check out our article on how to use any application in Multi Window mode on the Galaxy Note 3. And as always, share your thoughts on the mod with us in the comment section below, or over on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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2 Comments perfectly.
I wonder if there is a module to get the note 4 air command on the note 3?

does not work on sprint note 3 4.4.4 cf-rooted :/
any updates?

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