How To: Launch Apps While the Screen Is Off on Your Galaxy S6 Edge

Launch Apps While the Screen Is Off on Your Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung has a long-standing reputation for packing their devices with lots of added functionality, and the Galaxy S6 Edge is no exception. It comes with a nifty feature called "Information stream," which allows you to get quick, at-a-glance information by swiping the edge of your screen back and forth while the display is off.

But unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, the S6 didn't come with a way to launch apps directly from its Edge screen. Sure, you could get close to that functionality, but its usefulness is diminished by the fact that you had to have your screen on.

Then there's developer trailblazer101 , who has come up with a mod that can put the Edge screen to better use. Instead of just displaying information, his mod will let you launch apps directly from your Information stream, and it just might be the quickest possible way to get access to your favorite apps.

Step 1: Enable "Unknown Sources"

This particular app is not on the Google Play Store just yet, so you'll need to make sure your phone is set up for sideloading apps. To do that, head to the "Lock screen and security" menu in your phone's settings, then tick the box next to the "Unknown sources" entry.

Step 2: Install QuickLaunch Feed

Next, point your device's web browser to this link to grab a copy of the APK installer file for the QuickLaunch Feed app.

When the file has finished saving to your device, tap the "Download complete" notification to launch it. From here, press "Install," and when that's finished, tap "Done."

Step 3: Add QuickLaunch to Your Information Stream

Next, head to your phone's main Settings menu, then select the "Edge screen" option. On the bottom half of the next screen, scroll down and select "Information stream," then make sure the feature is turned on and tap the "Manage feeds" option.

On the next screen, scroll all the way to the right to locate the QuickLaunch feed. First, tick the box at the top to enable the feed, then hit the cog icon at the bottom.

From here, tap "Select Application(s)," then use the next menu to add all of your favorite apps. You can add as many apps as you'd like, but press "OK" when you're done, then back all the way out to the main Settings menu again.

Step 4: Launch Apps from Your Information Stream

With the Edge Screen features, a lot of times you'll have to turn your screen on and off more than once before any changes you've made will become active. So take care of that, then you'll be ready to launch some apps.

With the screen off, swipe back and forth along the right edge of your display. The regular Information stream menu will come up first, but when you swipe over to the right, you'll see the apps you added to QuickLaunch in a scrollable list (with rotating icons). Just tap any of these to launch the app, but note that if you have lock screen security enabled, you'll have to scan your fingerprint or enter your password before it will open.

What apps did you add to your QuickLaunch feed? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Android Hacks' Facebook or Twitter, or Gadget Hacks' Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Great app, super useful when I am in a hurry....i.e. when I am driving and need google maps

Really love it. Now the edge scree is useful.

Super excellent job!!!

I'm completely unable to get this app. It says there are too many people. So how do I get the app?

Awesome app, keep them coming!!

loved the app.... i added a few apps on this edge feed stream and must say that i find it very useful indeed..... well i hope they bring out more edge screen feeds .... :-)

installed as per instructions, the sidebar apps still haven't appeared.

can someone help?

Hi there ! I want to ask all of you , and please if somebody can answer me to my question .I bought a Magic Mirror case but it doesn't work for my Samsung S6 edge because I didn't find yet the match app for it .Is there any app for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge?

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