How To: Get LG's Double-Tap to Sleep on Any Samsung Galaxy Device

Get LG's Double-Tap to Sleep on Any Samsung Galaxy Device

With the Power key located on the back of the device, LG included a convenient "double-tap to sleep" function in their G2 and G3 devices. The function allows users to simply double-tap the display to put their device to sleep instead of picking it up and pressing the Power key.

Samsung Galaxy devices may not have an inconveniently placed Power key, but sleeping my device with a simple double-tap sounds easier than pressing anything—especially if my phone is laying stationary on a desk.

Today, we'll be going over two easy ways for you to get this unique double-tap feature on any Samsung Galaxy device, whether you're rooted or not.

Option #1: For Rooted Devices

If you're not yet rooted, check out our two-minute root guide to get that process taken care of. Once rooted, make sure to install the Xposed Framework in order to enable this feature.

Now that that's out of the way, enter the Xposed Installer and head to the Download section, then search for DoubleTapToSleep from developer Manzel Seet (AKA zst123). After you install it, make sure to enable the module and reboot your device.

Once your device is back up, the feature will already be active—simply double-tap on your status bar to quickly put your Galaxy, or other Android device, to sleep.

Option #2: For Non-Rooted Devices

Non-rooted users, we've got your back. Using developer Damian Piwowarski's free app, Knock Lock, you'll be able to set an invisible spot on your device to double-tap and put your screen to sleep. Check out the video below and the full guide for more help.

Hopefully, future Galaxy devices include this great feature, but for right now, these two methods will have to do. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments below, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on everything Android.

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