How To: Exclusive Samsung Milk Video App Is Here for Galaxy Devices

Exclusive Samsung Milk Video App Is Here for Galaxy Devices

As competition for Spotify and Pandora, Samsung released Milk Music earlier in 2014, a free music streaming service for their Android devices. While Milk was unique to Galaxy owners only, it was popular enough that we showed you ways to get it on non-Galaxy devices as well.

Now, in the same vein as Milk Music, Samsung has released another exclusive application called Milk Video (available on Google Play), which brings you the best and most viral videos around the web in a neatly organized and wonderfully designed user interface. As Samsung unsurprisingly dubs the service, it's the "Next Big Thing in Video."

Milk Video Curates the Best Video Content Daily

When you open Milk Video for the first time, you'll go through a short tutorial on getting around the app. All of the videos will be organized by categories like Popular, Comedy, Sports, Following, etc.

Using the color-coded bar running across the right side of the screen (which is probably my favorite feature), you can easily scroll through the video categories, as well as search for specific videos.

To watch a video, tap on it and it'll appear at the top of the screen (similar to YouTube), so that you can scroll through more videos while you watch.

Hold down on a video to bring up options to repost, favorite and share—your basic social networking functions. Milk Video tailors videos to you specifically depending on who you follow and which videos you share and favorite.

Log in with your Facebook account to share videos and follow channels such as BuzzFeed, Vice, Funny or Die, Noisey, and many more.

Sure, there are dozens of video-sharing apps available for you to use, like 5by, but the combination of it being so new, the intelligently tailored video selections, and the extremely easy-to-maneuver UI provide Milk Video with a decent upside.

How does Milk Video compare with other video-streaming and sharing apps that you've used? Let us know in the comment section below, and hit us up on Facebook and Twitter for more Android news and hacks.

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