How To: Download Additional Camera Modes on a Samsung Galaxy S6

Download Additional Camera Modes on a Samsung Galaxy S6

With 16 megapixels and optical image stabilization technology, it's safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is well-equipped to take badass pictures. Packed with additional camera modes, like Panorama, Selective focus, and Virtual shot, there's always a way to capture an image as intended.

Aside from the modes included in the Camera app, there are additional ones that Galaxy owners can download and utilize. While they've been around since the Galaxy Note 3, these features are made more prominent and useful on the S6, so let's show you how to take advantage of them.

Download Camera Modes

Additional camera modes are an old Galaxy feature, but there are definitely some gems hidden away that you'll want to take advantage of on the S6. To access the downloads page, open the Camera app, select Mode, then tap Download.

You'll then be directed to the Galaxy Apps store where you can scroll through the various available modes, which are all free and include brief descriptions.

Once you've downloaded and installed a new camera mode, it will be included amongst all of the other modes in the Camera app. The downloaded modes will be designated by the small icon next to it.

Some may think that these additional modes should be included already, but this allows other users, who will probably never use any additional camera modes, to save storage space on their Galaxy device.

We really like the Animated Photo and Surround shot modes—let us know which new camera mode you're using by commenting below.

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could you please help me ?

i tried to have new modes in my samsung s6 but actually id doesn't work, when i click on mode only panoramique and auto mode appears, so i can't find download bouton it's not even existing on the Menu


i forget i've downloaded camera modes from the galaxy store u know and it's not showing on...

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