How To: Customize Your Ringer for More Advanced Contact-by-Contact Control

Customize Your Ringer for More Advanced Contact-by-Contact Control

There are two scenarios that absolutely suck when someone calls you. The first is when you accidentally pick up a call you seriously didn't want to take. Debt collectors (thanks college), crazy exes, or that one guy from work. And the other is when you miss a super important call and can't get a hold of them afterwards.

I have shown you how to block and reject unwanted calls on your Galaxy S3, but now I want to show you how to create custom ring settings for your contacts to help make it easy to know when to answer, and when not to.

Smart N' Loud

Smart N' Loud is a free Play Store application created by developer Eyalse. You can also download the APK from Eyalse's thread on XDA forums.

The app allows you to put your phone on silent and still receive calls from those contacts you've designated as important.

You can also allow calls that were previously silenced or blocked to come through if the caller calls more than once within a designated time frame of your choice.

Open the app menu to create your custom ring settings. Add a contact from the search menu to begin. You can choose the number of incoming calls to activate your settings in the first box.

So now, if your selected contact calls once, your phone will ring, vibrate, or be silent. You can then select the time range between multiple calls from that contact. Depending on the time range, a different action can occur (vibrate, ring, silent). For example, if my contact calls me twice within 15 minutes, my phone will vibrate instead of ringing.

Smart N' Loud is a simple application that allows for a little more tweaking when it comes to your contacts and how you want your phone to alert you. It can be super helpful when you are in a meetings, or just to recognize how important a call may be.

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