How To: Control Calls from Any App with Floating Dialer Buttons on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Control Calls from Any App with Floating Dialer Buttons on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

I don't mean to offend anyone, but some phone calls are just plain boring, and being put on hold is shittier than eating three-day old sushi.

If you're on hold or trying not to fall asleep during a talk with grandma, you can multitask by playing a game or texting someone more interesting. But when you need to take the phone off speaker mode, it's no quick task to do so when you're messing around outside the dialer.

To avoid having to put the other person on hold while you get your shit together, use Blimps - Floating Dialer (free on Google Play) by Android devs Curly Y. This app will give you simple, moveable floating buttons to end calls and toggle speakerphone on/off no matter what app you're currently in.

The application settings are dead simple. After installing the app, all you have to do is enable Blimps and toggle Speaker and/or End Call on or off.

Now, whenever you accept a call, clicking on the phone icon will end the call and tapping the speaker icon will toggle your speakerphone. These icons will appear no matter what application you're currently in. The "blimps" will only appear when a call is connected; once the call ends, the icons go away.

So you can go from having to sit at this giant screen (left) to enjoying a nice game of Candy Crush while on a call. No more needing to access the call screen or pull down the notification shade to do basic things like hang up or activate the speaker.

Blimp is a new, free app that's still finding its bearings. Have a suggestion for the dev? Let us know in the comments below, or head to their app thread on XDA. As it is now, if you want a more convenient way to multitask during a call, then this is the perfect little app.

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