How To: Bypass the 31-Character Limit in Snapchat Captions on Android

Bypass the 31-Character Limit in Snapchat Captions on Android

Twitter found a sweet spot with its 160-character limit, but Snapchat sports a social media low of 31 characters, forcing us to condense our ideas into a few short words when typing in picture captions because of their ephemeral nature. While this severely limited amount of words is Snapchat etiquette, I've got so much more to say than 31 characters!

Thanks to Android dev elesbb, maker of the awesome Always Correct, we can now enter as much text as we want when writing Snapchat captions using the Snapchat Full Caption module for Xposed.

iPhone users: this obviously won't work for you, but this hack will.

Step 1: Prerequisites

In order to successfully use Snapchat Full Caption, you'll need the following three things on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (or other Android device):

Step 2: Download Snapchat Full Caption

Download Snapchat Full Caption from either the Downloads section of Xposed Installer on your device, or directly from the Xposed Module Repository.

Once it's installed, activate it and reboot your device.

Step 3: Enter All the Text You Want

Through the official Snapchat application, take a picture or video and enter a caption as you would normally do. Instead of the 31-character limit, you'll be able to enter as much text as you want—bypassing the usual single bar of text.

Changing to the other text type will make the font bigger, filling up your screen much more than the normal one.

Combine this feature with the module that colorizes your Snapchat text, and you've got yourself a pretty sick caption game.

If you have an iOS device, you're not exempt from bypassing the character limit on Snapchat—use this guide to do it.

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