How To: Beautify the Weather Forecast on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 with Solar

Beautify the Weather Forecast on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 with Solar

Living in Los Angeles so long has perhaps spoiled me a bit. The only time I check my weather apps is to send screenshots of my 70 degree Decembers to my friends in Chicago and New York. So for these bragging occasions, I like to have a good looking app.

I've already covered the minimal Nice Weather app and the expansive and sleek Yahoo Weather app, but there's a new one on Google Play that is both beautiful and functional in its design.

Solar, which was already a popular as an iOS app, has finally been brought to Android. Solar : Weather for Android is free to download in the Play Store, so hurry up and download it now, because it may only be free for a limited time. If you are looking for a simple and great looking weather application then Solar will be perfect for you.

The app is extremely easy to use and fashions itself as the simplest weather application on the market. Simply add your current locations as well as other locations around the world and begin using the app.

The settings menu is super straightforward and you can add "feels like" as well your preferred weather unit.

The coolest feature available is the 24-hour weather forecast. By simply sliding your finger up on the screen, your can get a by-the-minute weather forecast with an adjusting background image. You can also get a three-day forget by sliding down on the screen, and share your weather details by tapping and holding the screen or from the settings menu.

The weather data is based on BestForecast by Wunderground.

The app does not come with widget compatibility and cannot be added to your lock screen yet, though these features should be in the works.

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