How To: Automatically Create Calendar Events from Incoming Text Messages on Android

Automatically Create Calendar Events from Incoming Text Messages on Android

A highly useful, yet unrecognized and under-appreciated feature in Apple's iOS 8 is the ability to seamlessly convert incoming texts regarding future dates into calendar events. Messages like "Let's chill tomorrow" can be tapped on and quickly added to the calendar. It's convenient and easy, but unfortunately, not available on most Android devices. However, it's pretty easy to get using Inviter (SMS to Calendar) from developer Sergey Beliy.

Step 1: Install the Inviter App

Inviter (SMS to Calendar) is currently available for free on the Google Play Store, as the app is still in beta.

Once it's out of beta testing, the app will require a yearly subscription (price hasn't yet been released), so try it out for free now to decide whether it's worth the subscription when the time comes.

Step 2: Set Up Inviter on Your Android

The first option to consider is "Add events manually," which is what I prefer. This feature ensures that not every text that contains dates is automatically added to your calendar. Another preference to look at is "Default event settings," which can alter supplemental information about your event.

Inviter can sync with your stock calendar or any other third-party app that's associated with your email address, like Google Calendar, Sunrise Calendar, or Today Calendar, to name just a few.

Step 3: Add Events to Your Calendar

Now, whenever a text comes in with any form of date or time, Inviter will pop up and give you the option to add the event to your calendar. And by selecting the "More" option, you can set a location and reminder time, as well as attendees.

Again, this app is still in its testing phase, so it's free for the time being, which is a great way to "try before you buy" (even if there isn't a price as of yet). And as always, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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