Attention: Your Galaxy Note 3's S Pen Works as a Built-in Kickstand

Your Galaxy Note 3's S Pen Works as a Built-in Kickstand

Your phablet's large screen is perfect for viewing movies and music videos wherever you are, but as gorgeous as the Note 3's screen is, holding it gets old and you can't always find something to prop it up at a decent movie-watching angle.

But there's a secret you might not know about your Galaxy Note 3, and that's that the geniuses over at Samsung made the S Pen multi-purpose, whether they intended to do so or not.

Discovered by a Reddit user dr_fuck (sorry to those of you with virgin eyes), this trick is all about knowing how your S Pen "fits" in its holder. Pull out the S Pen and insert the blunt end in the holder like shown.

The key is having the printed "Samsung" text on the S Pen facing you upside-down.

That's it! This works in a pinch and comes in handy when you don't have your hands free. Give it a try and tell us if it worked for you in the comments below.

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How have I had this phone for 9 months and not known about this?!?!

Man didn't even think of that. Worked first try and on my bed, guess surface doesn't matter. Also worked with the Samsung labeled side facing inward.

Altho I have an otterbox with a kickstand holster I tried this trick while phone is in the otterbox. it works! I will remember this when I move on to the Note 4! I have the Note tablets and am going to try it on them, too.

Awesome drip today finally I had no idea!! : )

Glad this all worked for you guys!

As good as it seems to be,it might break the pen if u applied pressure on your phone by whatever means so be cautious of that.

Samsung needs to take note of this...They could make it a great intended feature for the next gen notes.

Great! Now I can stop looking for a case with a kickstand. Drippler is the best. And thanks to the person that discovered this revelation

Da fuck this advanced!

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