How To: Android Device Manager Now Available on Google Play to Find, Lock, & Wipe Lost Devices Easier

Android Device Manager Now Available on Google Play to Find, Lock, & Wipe Lost Devices Easier

While the Play Store has a plethora of apps available for finding lost Android phones, Google came out with its own web-based application, Google Device Manager, earlier this year to help you keep track of all your Android devices and remote lock, erase, ring, and track if need be.

All you had to do was activate Android Device Manager under Settings -> Security -> Device Administrator and you were golden. Then simply log into the Device Manager website (should automatically use your current Google account) and it will load your device(s) and the actions available.

Now, Google released a handy Device Manager app on the Play Store, which means you can locate your devices quickly and easily on your phone or tablet. After installing the free app from the Play Store, you will be able to see your devices on a map in seconds. If you have multiple devices, you can locate all of them from the drop-down menu.

Device Manager must be enabled on those devices in order for them to be accessible.

The application is super easy to use and appeases those of us that were looking for a mobile version to go along with the web-based app. Of course, when your phone is stolen you're going to want the web-based app, but for people who have multiple devices and want easy mobile access to locate, lock, erase their devices, this app is a godsend.

Now your iPhone buddies can no longer tout the awesomeness of Find My Phone since these two location services are now practically identical.

For a complete rundown of setting up your devices, check out my in-depth guide on finding, locking, and wiping lost or stolen devices with Android Device Manger.

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