How To: Add Floating Song Lyrics to Your Galaxy S4 to Sing Along from Any Screen

Add Floating Song Lyrics to Your Galaxy S4 to Sing Along from Any Screen

It's not enough for me to just listen to a mindless EDM song that can be retooled as a torturing method for Guantanamo Bay. As an actual fan of music, I yearn for substance and depth. Artists like Morrissey, Kurt Cobain, and John Lennon impacted lives with not only their music, but the subject matter of their songs.

It's because of artists like these that I'm always curious to pin down the lyrics of their songs. Of course, the meaning of these lyrics can be largely subjective, but I still like knowing and figuring out what a song means to me, and that all begins with the words. Also, I just love being able to sing along, and at the same time, hate singing the wrong lyrics.

Don't waste any time searching the web for lyrics. Instead, utilize an application that adds a floating window with the current track's lyrics.

Install Floating Lyrics from dev Buzzy Mind, aka Voiche.

While I'll be showing you this on my Samsung Galaxy S4, Floating Lyrics will work on any device running Android 4.1 or higher.

Setting Up & Using Floating Lyrics on Your Phone

To enable the app, simply open it and you'll see a toast notification stating that it's enabled. You can also make some subtle changes, like languages, font size, or toggling the ability to saving lyrics to external storage.

You'll also want to go to your stock Settings -> More -> Security and scroll down to the Device administration section. Make sure that Remote Controller is checked in Notification Access.

Note: If you have not installed Floating Lyrics yet (or any other app that wants access to notifications), you might not see the Notification Access option, but you will as soon as you install the app.

Next, open your stock or third-party music player, or any other that provides lock screen controls, such as Google Play Music or Spotify. You should see a toast notification saying "It works!". Pick a track and the small, lyrical window will appear.

You can move it around, minimize it, and resize it however you want. Keep it open while you browse the web or use any other application, including games.

The app works very well, but there is one improvement I'd like to see—the ability to have the lyrics automatically scroll down instead of manually having to follow the song. But considering that it's new, I think it has great potential and I'll definitely utilize this app quite a bit.

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