How To: Stop YouTube Surfing with a Personal Video Concierge for Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Stop YouTube Surfing with a Personal Video Concierge for Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Whether you're on the john or sitting quietly on the bus to work, there's always time for a little video. And thanks to my favorite high school procrastination site, I'm going to be turning that little into a lot.

StumbleUpon recently acquired a sleek new Android app that wants to provide you with the latest and greatest videos, like only a close friend could. If it's anything like StumbleUpon, I'm going to be wasting some serious time staring at my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Similar to Batman's Alfred, 5by is your personal concierge, only it feeds you with funny and entertaining videos whenever you're in need.

Geting Cozy & Familiar with 5by Videos

When first opening your new video discovery app, it will ask to learn a little bit more about us. Tap on Sure, Let's Do This to continue to the short questionnaire.

The app is trying to get a better feel for what you might like, so it can offer better and more relatable videos in the future.

Make sure to answer all the questions in a way that best describes you.

Now simply create an account to help 5by keep track of your personality and videos. You can sign in with Facebook or use your email address instead.

Once signed in, we can begin using the app to get some of the best personally curated videos on the web.

Why Not Just Browse YouTube Instead?

While YouTube channels are made to better cater to our liking, we still have to search through a bunch of videos to find something appealing. If we don't have any channels set up, it's gets even more difficult to find random videos that we might enjoy.

Remember, 5by lets us pick our current situation as well as the amount of time we have for watching.

Depending on what category we chose and the amount of time we have, 5by will find videos that match these parameters.

So, if you say you have 5 minutes to watch a video in the Extreme Sports section, you're not going to get results for clips that are 20 minutes long. Everything is personalized for your current situation.

Did I mention that all videos are shown in HD by default. Hitting the thumbs up icon will "Like" the video, or you can also use the smiley face rating scale.

Using these ratings will help 5by learn what you do and don't like, then use this information to offer more appealing videos in the future.

5by is pretty cool app with a lot of potential. So, I am giving it a thumbs-up for now and looking forward to seeing how it adjusts to my taste. 5by is also available for iOS devices, so you Apple fans can get in on the action, too.

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