How To: Set Your Current Location & Weather Forecast as Your Galaxy Note 3's Wallpaper

Set Your Current Location & Weather Forecast as Your Galaxy Note 3's Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a popular Android app that refreshes your home screen background at set intervals, turning it into blurred pieces of artwork or photography while keeping your icons and widgets in the spotlight.

By using third-party extensions, you can even set your background with images from Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, and more. A new extension adds location and weather capabilities, giving you location and forecast information at a glance.

Use Your Live Wallpaper to Check Forecast & Location

Stamen Muzei, from Android dev Omar Seyal, uses the Muzei Live Wallpaper app in order to give you a background that not only keeps you updated on your current position, but also determine the forecast in your area.

In order for Stamen Muzei to work, you'll need to install both Muzei Live Wallpaper and Stamen Muzei from Google Play.

Note: Stamen Muzei was temporarily removed from Google Play due to its overwhelming popularity, but should be back up soon. If you don't see it on Google Play yet, you can try installing it manually (APK link).

Setting Up the Maps LWP

Now, open up Muzei from your app drawer (or you can use the LWP picker from your home screen), tap the three-dot menu button on the bottom, and select "Customize".

Scroll over until you see "Maps" as the source, and simply tap to select it. You can also adjust the Blur and Dim settings by tapping on "Choose source" and selecting "Advanced".

Once you've adjusted the settings, hit the check mark on the top left to set your background as a watercolor painting of your location (your location being in the exact center). While the live wallpaper will mostly be blurred, you can double tap on the background in order to clear the view.

Weather Forecasting from Your Background

Stamen Muzei will also show the forecast in the live wallpaper—if the weather in your current location is sunny and nice, the watercolor will be displayed as pastel and light.

If your live wallpaper map appears dark or black and white, that means that the forecast will be damp and rainy.

It's a neat addition to the already awesome Muzei Live Wallpaper, so you can now monitor your location and weather in a unique way, all by just checking your device's background.

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Great idea, but as I sit here with my GPS turned on, it's raining outside and the map looks colored and not black and white as the article suggests.

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