How To: Pick Up a Better Wi-Fi Signal on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Pick Up a Better Wi-Fi Signal on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Having trouble getting a strong Wi-Fi signal on your Samsung Galaxy S3? Does the signal drop out on you when changing rooms? Frustrating, isn't it?

GS3 SoftModder forum member Taral had the same problem, and asked about ways to increase the Wi-Fi range on his GS3. While there are numerous things you could do to get a better signal (new router, range extender, etc.), one simple trick is to turn off WiFi Power Saving mode.

Best thing about this hack? It's super easy and root is not required! You will need a Touchwiz based rom, this will not work with AOSP (CM, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, etc.)

Step 1: Access Hidden Menu

Go to the Dialer and dial "*#0011#" (minus the quotation marks).

Update: Through the comments, it has come to my attention that the dialer code above may not work. Research shows that most carriers, aside from Sprint, have disabled easy access to this hidden menu following the Jelly Bean update.

If the code above does not work for your device, try the following:

  • AT&T/Bell/Rogers: *#3197328640#
  • T-Mobile and Verizon: *#22745927*, enable Hidden Menu, then use the code above, *#0011#

Thanks to forum members Barb, Dan, and Anthony for help figuring this out!

Step 2: Access the WiFi Section of the Hidden Menu

Once in the hidden menu, you'll see a fairly blank screen. From here, press the Menu button and select WiFi.

Step 3: Turn Off Power Save Mode

Now that you're in the proper menu, turn off the Power Save feature by pressing the "On" button. It'll change to "Off".

And that's it!

If your Wi-Fi was working fine before, you won't notice much of a change in your normal usage areas. But if you used to struggle with connecting or maintaining a signal, you should see results right away.

Keep in mind, this will not magically increase your range to absurd distances, nor will you be able to go through that lead wall of yours. And don't worry, just because you turned off "Power Save" does not mean your battery use is going through the roof. In fact, I haven't noticed any increase in battery use from this mod.

Post any questions or comments you may have below or in our forum.

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Does anyone know the code to get to this menu on a Verizon S3?The code in the article doesn't work from a Verizon S3 running Jelly Bean.

Confirmed here also. *#0011 doesn't work for Verizon S3 w/ JB 4.1.2

I will find the Verizon code and update.

Tried#197328640# and #0011# and neither worked. Vzw gs3

Please try *#197328640#* and let me if that works.

hi there i just so happen to have freinds in manado indonesia, they use there phone service provider is tri. Any advice on how to turn on and make a samsung tablet a hotspot or boost the signal plz???

It worked on my Verizon S3. I first used the Verizon code of *#22745927 without the * afterwards. It brought up a menu asking if I wanted to turn on hidden menus. Turn those on. Now revert back to *#0011#.

If that doesn't do the same thing for your identical phone/service provider, I'm all out of recommendations.

Did that work for you?

Well I have Sprint so it was never an issue for me. Just trying to figure out how to get this going for other carriers.

yes this does work on Verizon Galaxy S3 as the code is without the # at the end as follows *#22745927 and then apply *#0011#. This does seem to streamline my wife connectivity on my i535 Galaxy Verizon S3 JB 4.1.2. However I tested after reboot and it sets back to default Wifi Saver ON

Use the second code, 227 first, then use the 0011 code. i have Verizon Gs3 also. it worked.

Thanks for the tip. But just like Ryan Hutchinson on Vrrizon, the code doesn't work on my US AT&T S3 (SGH-I747). I get an invalid number recording when I try *#0011, and an "Invalid MMI code" error with *#0011#.

Does anybody here know the AT&T code?

I will find the ATT code and update. Sorry about that!

Please try *#197328640#* and let me if that works.

I also have a Verizon S3 running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and it will not let me do this either. Any suggestions?

Please try *#197328640#* and let me if that works.

Yeah T-Mobile GSIII on 4.2.1 doesn't work either.

Please try *#197328640#* and let me if that works.

The new code didn't work for me, there must be a different code.

P.S. I have rooted T-mobile GSIII with the 4.2.1 illusion ROM

Since you are running Android 4.2.1, I assume you are on an AOSP rom, not a Touchwiz rom (unless you meant 4.1.2).

This will only work on Touchwiz roms.

Yeah I'm on AOSP do you have any other tricks that would work with AOSP?

I have my GS3 through SPRINT 4.1.2 jelly bean and neither of the codes work. I've tried mixing them up and still no secret menu... please help!!!

The reason you are having trouble is you are not using the entire code. It is everything between the quotes. '*#0011#' Worked on my Sprint S3.

Try typing *#22745927 first which will take you to where you can turn the hidden menu on then go back into the dialer and type the number shown in article in.

Verizon GS3 - this worked! Thanks Dan! As instructed earlier, *#0011#* then took me to the sub menu where I turned off power saver mode.

Thank you. This advice works for my Verizon S3, running 4.1.2

This worked for vzw gs3 thanks. However it appears to drain power. Went from 29% to 24% in the time it took to login and type this response. I will weigh pro vs. Con.

Very cool, thank you! I will update the post.

Thanks Dan. As Dan said on 4.1.2 TouchWiz ROMS.

You must do *#22745927
Then Enable the hidden menu
Then type *#0011# and you can then access the WiFi section. I'll post how battery life goes tonight while I'm on WiFi

Hi. I tried the *#22745927, #22745927, and *#22745927# on verizon gs3 to no avail. Please help!!!

Are you putting a * in the beginning?

This all worked one I opened the stock dialer. It won't work with a different dialer. Thanks. Now to see if I notice any difference.

After you type in the the number, what do you do? Just wait. Does typing the last "#" supposed to start something?

It should take you to the menu right after the last "#".

Are you on Sprint?

Please try *#197328640#* and let me if that works.

Sorry all, looks like this code is for Sprint ONLY. I will track down other carrier codes and post an update!

I have AT&T. it worked for me with *#3197328640#*

Awesome, thank you! I will update the post!

This worked great! Thank you. I can already see an improvement

No problem, glad it worked for ya!

I followed the instructions and it screwed up the wifi on my phone! I reversed the process and it still doesn't work. Looks like I might have to factory reset my phone. Brilliant!!!!

Not sure how that is possible. What do you mean by "screwed up" your Wifi??

What version/carrier do you have? Have you tried a reboot? With a little more information we can work out this problem.

How to pick up 3G by using mobile data to be powerfull signal

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If you can't get the menu to open you must try *#22745927* to open the access to the menu then *#0011#

I don't get it... I've tried every code that I've seen on here and still nothing... wth... what am I doing wrong?

That's weird, this should work flawlessly on Sprint. Are you running a custom rom like CM or AOKP?

No... I just have the next 3d launcher... that's about it... and go dialer

Oh s#!t... I got it... it was the go dialer that was messin me up... awso..

I have tried every code listed on the page and in the comments. Some come back as a bad MMI code some just dial as if im dialing a phone number. Nothing has worked for me so far. Can you help please. I am on ATT.... Also I had great wifi service picked up everywhere and when I go to my mothers I actually have the code to get on hers. ever since the updated software updated my phone I no longer can get on just her wifi. I thought it was my phone so we used another S3 same issue. but my husbands iphone worked fine do you think if I can get this working it will help with the issue?

It sounds like you need to reset the connection for your mother's house. Press the Menu button when you are on your homescreen, go to Settings, hit Wi-Fi, select the connection for your mother's house and select "Forget".

Now re add the connection with the password. Let me know if that works, otherwise we'll try some other stuff =)

As far as getting a code to work for you, I will have to dig a little deeper. It's working for some but not others.

Faisal - I also have AT&T and the *#0011# worked great. Some have said that they get a message about an incorrect number, which leads me to think they may be pushing the dial button after entering the last # symbol instead of waiting for the service menu to automatically appear. Also, if the phone is Restarted (booted), on my S3 the Wifi power saving is automatically reset to ON. Good luck

Thanks Dave, I really appreciate the feedback.

As a point of reference, would you mind sharing your Android version?

Faisal - I'm using Android version 4.1.1 (not rooted), and it indicates that "Current software is up to date".

Awesome, thank you! Just trying to figure out what's causing some many issues for others.

I can get into the menu and change the setting, but the setting goes back to default on the next boot. Setting does not stick! Any ideas?

Faisal, I have tried that many times its been going on for about 2 months now and still no luck. the message it tells me is poor signal no connection. But when I go to click on the name of the wifi spot I am trying to connect to it tells me excellent signal strength. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!!

Ok so I got the wifi part with the code *#0011# I didn't add that last # and that made a difference.. Silly me!! Now to fix the wifi with my mom's house :)

It worked on my original Galaxy S Captivate from AT&T. Waiting for one more price reduction to get a Note 2. :D

Nice! This should work on the Note 2. Try it out and let us know.

I'm running the P.A.C.Man custom ROM on an ATT i-747 GS3 and neither of the codes listed above worked. Please advise if a solution becomes available..Thanks!

Unfortunately, P.A.C. Man rom is based on AOSP, and these codes will only work on Touchwiz based roms.

Hey I have a galaxy s 3 from t-mobile and I cant seem to get it

"*#19734682#" OR "*#19738246#" that is for the SG-i9300 (I am from Norway and use the NEE rom. Not a branded phone is what I'm trying to say ;) I do not have the phone here now so I can't check which of the two codes, I just remember the "krisskross" pattern when u type the code AND that it start with *#1973. Hope this helps someone. I have tried this myself before i read this when snooping around in the service menu. Actually I felt it DRAINED battery so I enabled it again... At least in 5GHz space it gave quite much better signal/link speed. This was in tha same room as the router, so yes this is a good idea to try if you struggle with wifi (it is actually quite bad with the pwrsave on) :P

id tried every code non of them worked for me

What version do you have? Can you post a screenshot of your About device page?

Wow!! Quick instant fix on my sprint galaxy note2!!! Thank you!!

Worked right away on my T-Mobile GS3 running 4.1.2. Just typed the star#0011#, no need for the other code. Once I turned off the power saving mode, an instant boost in WiFi signal!

Hey folks, I was reading this great tip, and, while I realize it was for the G3, I was thinking that it might be good for the S4 / Note 3. I was having problems with network connection disconnects, the phone saying it was because the connection was slow. I applied the fix that this forum posted, and, now, NO disconnects! So, thanks to all for providing this fix. Apparently, Samsung thinks that we always want to save power, but, I would rather keep my connection instead. Thanks again to all for the post!!

I have a US Cellular G3 and none of these codes will work on my phone. Can anyone help me?

Fixed my GPS and my Wi-Fi in one day with this site! Life is stinkin' good! Thanks so much!

it again turned on what to do to keep it turned on aftar restarting

I did it but no any improvement still low signals :( me using s3 aTT plz help me...

hello sir ,i have a sumsung s3 gt18200 madel

i have also wifi signal problem kindly tell me about that ,because i have been tryed code which tell before ,thats no working with the mobile.please help me .now

i do not have this options.

Try star #9090#

using #0011# works for me no problems, but my wifi is still weak have be nearly on top of the router. router range is very good can use other phones in the distant parts of this old house. could it be a physical problem with the phone, if so where do i start

Do you have one for galaxy s3 jelly bean through straight talk

state disconnected
ssid unknown ssid
ap mac nul
tout le reste n/a
mac cc.3a.61..4a.5b.65
wifi power save mode


Aren't there any updated codes since the 4.4.2 update? None of these codes listed above work for me. Verizon GS3/rooted.

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