How To: Move Any App's Window Around on Your Galaxy Note 3 for Better One-Handed Operation

Move Any App's Window Around on Your Galaxy Note 3 for Better One-Handed Operation

Your Note 3 is a magnificently large phone. So much so that it has a handful of built-in options that make it easier to use with one hand, collectively called "One-handed operation." While these settings are helpful, they have to be manually enabled and disabled whenever you're done using them.

In this softModder guide, I'll be showing you how to make better use of these one-handed operations with an Xposed Framework module called Flying Android. This background running mod will allow you to move any app's window freely, making your Note 3 easier to use with one hand.

If you haven't already done so, make sure you have the Xposed Installer on your Note 3.

Installing the Flying Android Xposed Mod

Open up your Xposed Installer app and head to the "Download" section to get the Flying Android module (for Android 4.2 and higher only) by dev tkgktyk.

Then, simply download, install, and activate it by going to "Modules," checking the box next to Flying Android, and then either "Soft reboot" or "Reboot" your device.

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Using One Hand to Maneuver Through Apps

In any app, swipe either up or down on the either edge of your screen. This should prompt a small Fly toast notification, after which you can move your current activity's window freely.

If you have small hands and a large phone like the Note 3, this makes it simple to select certain items such as the back icon within Instagram when using one hand. All click events are processed normally, so all links on the window have the ability to be tapped.

Once you're done moving the app, tap on the outside portion of the window. This will show a Rest toast notification and will snap your activity's window back to its original place.

Aside from Instagram, the module works with every aspect of your device—including apps, your home screen, settings, and more.

Let us know if this mod has made navigating your device easier, and check out some of the other cool Xposed mods for the Note 3.

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When i 1st installed this app it worked great but then after update 0.4.2 my dialer wouldnt work and the swipe gesture wouldn't work and it still does not work even after update 0.6.0. Using my note 3 4.3 t-mobile variant

Latest version of app (1.0.1) doesn't work on android version 4.4.2

How can i move my downloaded apps that are under "apps" to condense pages being used. ?? ..have an image if needed ...for further understanding. Cant upload one here idk y

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